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 Part number: XS2 Rails
XS2 Rails Description:

Qubica Bumpers, XS version 2, Bumper Rails & Related Parts.
• This bumper system can be identified by
  • Plastic bumper rails
  • Where 2 rail sections are joined, plastic screws in the top of the bumper rail are used.

NOTE: This site is no longer updated with new information.

XS 303 XS 303 Mount Bracket Plate
NOTE: This part is now obsolete with no cross-reference.
XS 312 XS 312 Plastic Barrel Snap
XS 317 XS 317 Molded Arm, Standard
XS 318 XS 318 Platic Rail Only, 7'
XS 319 XS 319 Plastic Rail Assembly, 16"
XS 320 XS 320 Rail Connector
XS 321 XS 321 Plastic Screw for Rail Connector
XS 322 XS 322 End Cap
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