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Table Part Number Description
Steel Table to Crossbeam STEEL TABLE TO CROSSBEAM Parts used for Steel Table to Crossbeam Connection.
Steel Table for XL Pinspotters STEEL TABLE FOR XL PINSPOTTERS Steel Table and available parts.
Steel Table Tie Rod Bracket Assembly STEEL TABLE TIE ROD BRACKET ASSEMBLY Parts used in the Tie Rod Bracket Assembly for Steel Table Pinspotters.
Actuator & Connector Assemblies ACTUATOR & CONNECTOR ASSEMBLIES Actuator and Connector Assemblies used on Steel table pinspotters.
Table & Respot Links TABLE & RESPOT LINKS Respot Links for Steel Table Pinspotters.
090 005 544 090 005 544 Steel Table respot cells.
Cells 1 through 6.
090 005 540 090 005 540 Steel Table respot cells.
Cells 7 through 10.
090 005 548 090 005 548 Rear Leg, Yoke to Steel Table
090 005 545 090 005 545 Front Leg, Yoke to Steel Table
Steel Table and Respot Cells STEEL TABLE AND RESPOT CELLS Respot Cells and Pins for Steel Tables.
Steel Table Yoke & Spotting Cups STEEL TABLE YOKE & SPOTTING CUPS Parts available for the yoke and spotting cup assemblies used with steel tables.
070 002 808 070 002 808 Spotting Cup Assembly
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